8 Mistakes People Make With Indoor House Plants - Orchid Girl and Plants

At the point when my plants look tragic, it's an appalling minute. To start with, on the grounds that I believe it's my blame, and, second, since I don't recognize what to do. Be that as it may, this can change.

As an indoor plant enthusiast, individuals regularly inform me concerning their green allies' disasters. On the off chance that your plant's leaves look sagging or dark colored, you're not the only one. A considerable lot of us purchased a plant since it's pleasant, yet ignored a couple of fundamental things with regards to planting care. Here are the best mixed up thoughts I hear and see constantly, exposed.

1. Overwatering - We think all plants require a lot of water. But soil that is constantly wet won't have enough air pockets and plants will not be able to breathe by taking up oxygen with their roots if we add over water.

2. Too Much Direct Sunlight - We think all plants require a great deal of daylight. It's a bit much.

3. Plant Maintenance - We think all plants require a ton of support, time and consideration. But it's redundant.

4. Self-certainty - A few people believe that it is possible that you're conceived with a green thumb or you will be a plant executioner for whatever remains of your life. False! No need a Ph.D. in Botanic to have brilliant plants at home. Indeed, even the most prepared nursery workers kill plants all the time - it's a piece of the adapting, so no disgrace.

5. Forgetting To Check The Roots - Roots being the encouraging organ of the plant, it's basic to keep them solid.

6. Moving Plants All The Time - A lot of moving your plants around, an excessive amount of water, a lot of light, an excess of consideration. No great.

7. Not Knowing Where Your Plants Comes From - Knowing the atmosphere your plant initially flourishes in can enable you to comprehend its needs.

8. Over Fertilization - Sometimes we add a lot of fertilizer in the plant. But adding too much fertilizer can make it difficult for plants to absorb all nutrients.


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