Money Plant - The Best Household Plant

A Money Plant is a standout amongst the most widely recognized family plants. It is said that simply like its name and the vibe of its leaves, the money plant adds to expanding the accounts of the house. In any case, with regards to preparing a money plant, there are sure things that you have to remember, else it may have an unfavorable impact. Below are some things...

Try not to give a chance to dry plant

You have to consistently water and prune the money plant. A dry and withered plant is said to be unpropitious for the funds of the house. Keep up your money plant consistently.

Direction wise Money Plant

A money plant ought to never be kept in the North-East direction - it is said that in addition to the fact that this leads to loss of money in the house, yet additionally unfavorably influences the soundness of the relatives.

On the floor

On the off chance that your money plant has become heedless, prune and cut it, however, don't give its stems and leaves a chance to fall onto the floor - this is viewed as profoundly unfavorable.

South East bearing

In a perfect world, a money plant should just be kept in the south-east course of the house. Since this is the bearing of Lord Ganesha, it is said that it gets wellbeing, harmony and success in the house.

Indoor Plant

It is said that Money plant bears the greatest advantages when it is become inside the house, instead of outside the house. A money plant can be pruned in a little pot/planter or even a glass bottle. In the case of preparing it outside, make a point to pot it under a secured zone, without the immediate sun confronting it. Give us now a chance to discuss the advantages of the money plant.

Signifies cash

It is said that a money plant signifies real money - it is said that the greener your money plant, the more money you will get in the house. It is said that if more leaves your money plant has, the more money you will have.


Since the leaves of money plant are heart-formed, it is said that it acquires love and bliss in the family. It likewise helps patch broken connections and improves the connection between the relatives of the house.

Money plant improve Energy

Cash plant additionally holds a position of uncommon significance in Feng Shui. It is said that a solid, green money plant will spread great vitality around the house. This, yet it likewise helps in keeping infections under control in the house.


A money plant will, in general, become indiscriminately all around, so abstain from having a little pot for it that can limit its development. Continuously pick a pot that is somewhat bigger.


Money plant needs soil that permits great air circulation under pot and seepage. While you can utilize normal soil additionally, its best to counsel your nursery worker before you choose to pot the money plant.


The great piece of a money plant is that however it requires satisfactory watering, it can at present get by on days when you neglect to water it. In any case, make a point to water it twice in pinnacle summers or once every day or exchange days in brutal winters.


Taking into account that summers can get very brutal in the nation, a halfway secured porch is the ideal zone to put your money plant in. It is likewise an ideal plant to be set in a nursery that gets the sifted beams of the Sun.


Whatever composts you use for money plants, ensure that you ought to do it at night as the root may get scorched because of consistent presentation to the brutal sun in the mid-year season. You can skip utilizing manures in the winter season.

Money Plant need Special Care

Best of all, a money plant requires no unique consideration - you simply need to shield it from the cruel sun in summers and the chilly climate in winters. Since the plant does not develop to be a tree, you don't require to cut it also. Simply ordinary pruning would do.




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