Company Overview

Orchid Girls

The Orchid Girls and Plants is a family owned company that is spearheaded by us: Kelly and Robyn Kaur. We are two sisters who gained a great wealth of knowledge and years of experience from observing our mother, who was a botanist in Nepal. We decided to share our knowledge to others by establishing our own company and presenting products that we know best!

Now, we have expanded the team to eight members. Each member of the team considers each other family. This respect and sense of collectiveness are some of the values that we hold close. We encourage each of our team members to present new ideas and suggestions that will expand to the services that we provide.

We’re lucky! Each day we wake up and enter into a space filled with fresh air and a visual delight. This is from our tall standing and healthy orchids and a wide range of plants. Each day we also look forward to sharing this wonderful feeling with our customers! Our mother use to say that keeping at least one fresh plant around you will allow fresh air to fill your body and uplift your day to be positive and blooming. So, we have surrounded ourselves with plants to embrace this motto!

About Our Products



Each white and pink orchid is expected to last 4-6 weeks, regardless of which planter or the quantity you choose. It’s pretty easy to take care of it, once you receive the arrangement.


During the first week, it is not necessary to add water. However, you can mist them once a week to preserve freshness.

During the second week, you should add 6 ounces of water per orchid. After the second week and beyond you can check if watering is necessary by placing your finger about one inch in the growing media (vita barks, grass, or pebbles). If the growing media seems dry, you can add water. If available, you can also check the state of the growing media by using a soil moisture meter.


Orchids like to be in a temperature between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to not keep them in temperature below 50 degrees or above 80 degrees, otherwise they can perish more rapidly. Orchids are not fond of humidity. In order to keep them happy in a fairly humid environment, you can add a ice cubes (2 ice cubes per orchid) to the surface of the planter.


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